Week 6 (June 2-8)

Discipline Announcements:

For event announcements or competition information, please see the home page.


Practice Schedule Change

Saturday June 15th at Harry Jerome: Group 3 and 4 will now start at 6:15 instead of 5:45. Group 3 will finish at 7:30, and group 4 will finish at 7:45.

Practice Cancellations  

  • Splash, Group 1: Friday, June 7th (At Burnaby Dev Meet)

  • All Groups: Saturday June 8th (At Burnaby Grand Prix)

  • Splash: Wednesday June 19th (At NSWC Dev Meet)

NSWC Dev Meet & NSWC A/B Meet

Sign up here: https://www.cruisersaquatics.com/speed-1

Fun Friday: Pirates

This week’s fun Friday theme will be Pirates! Come dressed up and ready to sail the high seas with your fellow scallywags!



Duets have begun practices! This year, we have open pool for duets for our entire Saturday and Sunday practice. If the athletes need any help with duets, they can email or talk to the coaches!



Just a friendly reminder that Intro has been moved on Sundays to 6:45-7:45pm and there are new practices for P1,P2,P3 on Wednesdays


Friendly reminder to sign up for the upcoming Burnaby Barracudas tournament on Sunday June 16th held at Central Park in Burnaby. For those of you that are new, If you have any questions surrounding the tournament feel free to shoot me an email.

Burnaby will be hosting another tournament for U16’s (P3) on Friday, June 28th, sign up coming soon.

Laser Tag

I am planning for a cruisers laser tag event in two weeks. Last year this was a huge hit with the kids! this event is open to anyone in the p1/p2 age groups  for all of cruisers so feel free to forward this to your friends in the club. I will announce the finalized date and time on June 10th. You will still be able to sign up afterwards but I wont be able to change the times so make sure you sign up early!



Please use the link to website to sign up! To find it, go to the dive page and scroll to the bottom. The registration deadline is June14th.

Parent meeting

Just a reminder that the parent meeting is this Friday at 5:15pm, please bring any questions you have to the session.


If any divers are interested in joining the Monday session, please reach out to me, Shannon, or Sandy as attendance is quite low and we'll love to have more participants that day!