Cruisers Aquatics is a summer swim club. This means that the majority of our programs are held between May 1st and mid August.

If you are familiar with European handball, water polo is like handball in the water!  If not, it is sort of like a cross between basketball and soccer.  In BCSSA, water polo is played as in co-ed teams. Each team has a minimum of seven players: one goalkeeper plus 3 girls and 3 boys. The objective is to swim and pass the ball into the opponents end, and to score points by throwing into a net defended by a goalie.

Water polo is fast paced, exciting, and extremely fun to play! It takes good team skills as well as individual strength and endurance.

Water polo Groups

Cruisers water polo programs are open to swimmers of all levels and abilities. Participants are placed on teams and train with others in age groups, which are:

  • P1 – 11 and under

  • P2 – 12 & 13

  • P3 – 14 & 15

  • P4 – 16 to 18

  • P5 – 19 and over

In addition to these categories, Cruisers runs a novice program for swimmers who are 8 and under and want to try out the sport. The novice program is run in shallow water, and has the objective of developing fundamental game skills in younger swimmers.


P1-P4 have 3 practices a week, the novice program has 2.  We understand that many kids are involved in a number of different activities outside of Cruisers and cannot always make it to every practice.  Water polo is a game of endurance, so for water polo swimmers we recommend that you also attend some speed practices to work on endurance.


Cruisers Aquatics has pool time across the North Shore. When you look at the calendar, in addition to times, it will also tell you pool name for each practice.

Ron Andrews Community Recreation Centre

931 Lytton St, North Vancouver

Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

123 East 23rd Street, North Vancouver

Delbrook Community Recreation Centre

851 West Queens Road, North Vancouver

Karen Magnussen Recreation Centre

2300 Kirkstone Rd, North Vancouver


Important dates for water polo and information on tournaments will be found in the calendar.

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